Custom Integration

Leverage your existing data to deliver a personalized user experience
User Experience
We get personal

Karbyn's unique experience with many integration points can enhance your web site by pulling the current user's information to the forefront and personalizing their experience. This level of customization leaves users with an unprecedented feeling of comfort with your site, almost guaranteeing their return.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

We will integrate with your marketing system or provide an introduction to a new one so that you can gather analytics and make future enhancements based on those analytics. We have integrated with many third-party CRM applications, many industry specific.

Marketo Marketing Automation

Marketo provides the tools to segment customers, create targeted lists and deliver relevant and personalized emails according to a schedule.

Eloqua Marketing Automation

Eloqua's targeting and segmentation software allow's you to create and manage individual profiles captured from website visits, email responses, and form information. Campaign management through Eloqua gives you the power to streamline customer communication and transform the way marketing


Customer Relationship Management

Your current CRM allows for users to log into your web site and view or interact with their data.

Salesforce CRM

SalesForce has integration points that allow us to pull data for users and allow those users to have a customized experience on your site.

Sitecore Email Marketing Campaigns

Sitecore Email Marketing Campaigns

Besides marketing tools and enhanced user analytics, Sitecore provides an email marketing tool that can dynamically utilize customer data to enhance campaigns to those users.

Social Networking

Social Networking

Karbyn can integrate with social networks to allow seamless login as well as other functionality, Maybe you want to let users supply feedback to a blog or quickly give you their email address so they can join your mailing list. Allowing users to log in with their favorite social networking site provides an opportunity to learn something about them while allowing them quick access to elevated features of your site.

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