Major Manufacture Company

One of the world's leading manufacturers and marketers of valves, actuators and controls
Manufacturing Company
Providing safe and reliable fluid and flow control

Our client is a global leader in designing and providing highly-engineered flow management solutions to the most demanding industries around the world focusing on the entire life cycle and enabling safer, more efficient and sustainable solutions.

"The web presence we built has won awards in the community and has empowered our clients to find the information they need within three clicks. The work our team delivered has enabled the MarCom team to create exquisite user experiances, increasing their overall outreach."

— Rick Minozzi,

CIO at Karbyn

About the Project

Our client was looking for their web presence to match the high level of quality that their current service offering affords their customers. Karbyn partnered with them to bring to life a web presence focused on a simplified information architecture. Enabling the digital marketing team to enliven campaigns with an intuitive user experience and elegant user interface. The site is easy to use and navigate while all concerns of performance, stability, and scalability have been addressed.

The site is powered by the Sitecore Experience Platform (Sitecore XP) with a seamless integration to their in-house product repository. With this integration, Marcom team is able to craft marketable product pages which allow their customer base easy access to the details they need. Regional product availability is managed by leveraging Sitecore's Geolocation Services along with business rules driven by Lucene search queries.

All of this brought to life through a highly collaborative process.

Manufacturing Company
  • Multiple global locations and partners
  • Distinct brands under one umbrella
  • Easy access to key information
  • Regional product filtering
  • More intelligent search functionality
  • A user-friendly interactive map to find our many locations worldwide
  • Unified look and feel for all brand landing pages easily accessible
  • Simplified information architecture and unified placement of calls to action
  • Geolocation filters using Sitecore's Geolocation Services
  • Custom content scoring via Sitecore's integrated Lucene Search

Award of Excellence - Corporate Communications Category

Award of Excellence - Manufacturing Category

Award of Distinction - Visual Appeal Category

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