Endicott College

Private college with a strong commitment to community and a proven experiential learning model
Endicott College
Positive growth has been the hallmark of the College

Located just north of Boston in Beverly, Massachusetts, Endicott is a small, seaside private college with a strong community and a proven experiential learning model. State-of-the-art academic facilities partner with private beaches and distinctive residential options to create a unique and fulfilling college environment for students. Dedicated faculty and staff guide students in their growth and learning, creating experienced and confident graduates.

About the Project

Each department at Endicott functions almost like its own government structure, where each has its own governance, with a central communication strategy for the school itself.

The initial solution was built with the right platform, Sitecore, but was essentially a straight port from HTML to get the content into Sitecore as quickly as possible. This meant that almost all of the content was managed as blocks of HTML. This presented difficulties for a staff that has many more responsibilities than providing content to the website. Some of the staff was not familiar with HTML, some were, but would create things outside of the overall brand, and many just did not update anything.

We knew that Sitecore provided the robust platform that Endicott wanted to accomplish all of their goals. We just needed to use everything that Sitecore offers to create the best possible experience for the content editors. Endicott was already working on a redesign of the existing website with their creative partner, Eri Design. This provided a perfect scenario where we knew all of the content would be updated, so we had the opportunity to build the information architecture and editing experience from the ground up.

Endicott College
  • Vast amount of information to a variety of different audiences
  • Show the beauty of the campus through modern design
  • Provide a robust tool to manage all of the content
  • Allow mutliple editing teams to streamline their workflow
  • How to be marketable for prospective students but also informational for current students
  • Displaying course information in a manner consistent with the new design of the website
  • Each form was its own Individual .NET web page with its own logic and iFramed on each page
  • Utlilize the Sitecore page editor so content editors can edit the page directly
  • Customized the out of box Sitecore components for a simplified editing experience
  • Integration with Acalog for a single storage point for data
  • Create custom components so any program can pull enitre curriculum requirements
  • Elegant transformation across all devices
  • Implement Sitecores Web Forms for Marketers
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